Photo by Hannah Jacobson-Hardy

Devotion is knowing what you serve,

knowing who you serve,

knowing that it’s not you, it’s us,

and that if you are truly serving you, you are serving us, too.

Devotion is keeping your eyes on the fire in the dark,

no matter the hooting and howling of the beasts beyond,

remembering that all the power you are ever given is exactly that,


given unconditionally,

with one condition: that you give it away, give it back, give it forward,

give, give,

again and again,


Devotion is not caring what they’ll think of you or what they’ll say

when you sing your love unabashed and unedited,

not proud, just true, you.

Devotion is the sound that comes out of your body

when you realize that you are taken care of

and that everything you encounter is asking you to “please take care of me.”

Devotion is to take care,

even when you can’t think of any reason to,

even when you are given every reason not to.

Devotion is unreasonable.

Devotion stays.

Devotion hurts with the hurting, and the “with” makes devotion tireless,

and when you can’t stay up anymore,

can’t stay any longer,


Because devotion is not a contest, not just another arena of competition and comparison,

not about who’s strongest or who’s right.

It’s about: we’re all crying out for love,

broadcasting our longing for it

invisibly, silently, angrily, without even realizing it.

Devotion realizes.

Devotion answers.

Devotion is why we are here.

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