Lately I’ve been walking with the word “enough.” It has proven itself to be well worth its weight in my pack. It carries two meanings. The first is a knife, the other a balm for healing. You’d want both on any journey.

Some thoughts seem to require the knife. When they come, they will not abate unless you bare your blade, and bare it boldly. “Enough is enough. That’s it. No more. We’re done. Be gone.” That kind of “enough.” Don’t wield this knife in fear, and don’t wield it half-heartedly. Wield it in love, full-hearted, with great respect for the life that your hand has stilled. Offer the thought an honorable ending, and then maybe it won’t come back from the dead to haunt you.

There are other thoughts, though, that indicate a wound inside. For these, don’t use the knife. Use the balm, the one that says, “You are enough, and the world is, too.” Speak this “enough” the way you’d rub aloe onto burned skin, because these thoughts are burning and they are asking to be cared for. So care for them.

Nobody can sell you enough. No one can give it to you, either. You must find it for yourself, and learn how to use it on your own. I certainly recommend it. Enough is an excellent investment for any wayfarer, and it’s free. I take with me most every morning.

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