Before I look at you, I am ready to see anything.

Looking at you, I see everything.

I see your fear, and I am not afraid.

I see your longing, and I do not leave you, as you would leave me.

I stay with you, and behold you, and hold.

Have you been held like this before? Every piece and particle known and loved?

I do not hate any part of you, not even your hate. Your hate has a home in me. I will not cast you out. I will not break the covenant.

I cannot.

I receive you as you are.

I listen, unconcerned about where listening might take us, because I trust you completely.

I trust.

My business is not in getting into yours. My business is to behold. To be with. To be with you.

No part of me is interested in any other version of you other than the you that you are now.

Have you been seen like this? Loved like this?

Would that we all were loved and seen like this.

Would that we all see and love like this.

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