You’re in a vast wilderness, lost. You don’t quite know where you’re going, and you know even less about how to get there. There are beasts in this wilderness. Dangers. Trials. Somehow you’ve survived them all, but who knows what’s coming next?


Suddenly, you stumble into a clearing, a little courtyard in the forest. Someone else stumbles in, too, and then another, and another. There is a whole crowd of you now. A fire is burning in the center, and you all gather around it and begin to tell each other stories of what you’ve seen out there: the beasts to look out for, the dangers and how you survived them, the trials and what you learned. You sit up all night, speaking and listening. When the sun rises, everyone knows they must travel onward. You go into the wilderness once more, on your own again. But you are well fed now, from the communion in the little courtyard. A little wiser for what you’ve witnessed. And grateful, for having been witnessed yourself.


My talks and workshops are gatherings like this one. A place to take refuge in solidarity and in connection. A time to alchemize ourselves into offerings by sharing what we’ve lived. To give others the greatest gift we have—our presence—in the service of understanding, which is love.


Each gathering is different, but the intention remains the same: To listen. To learn. To connect and make peace.



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