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What if God wasn’t something invisible and faraway to be worshipped and waited for, but something you were, in fact, obliged to be? Something you needed to be, and were needed to be? Not something out there that would eventually take care of you sometime in the future, but instead, something in you that was asked to take care of something in me, right here, right now, and vice versa, me for you?

What if the Kingdom of Heaven was the world in which my first question was always, “What can I give?” instead of “What can I get?” and in which that was always your first question, too?

What if to be God wasn’t to be all-knowing, or all-powerful, or everywhere all at once, but simply to proceed as if the person in front of you were God, and to then touch them that way, with your hands, your eyes, your mind, your words, your breath—each God requiring something a little different, and so listening intently to every one?

What if little children weren’t constantly told to be good? What if they were told to be God instead, without an explanation as to what that meant ? What would we learn about God then?

What if being God was not a blasphemous proposition, but a lifetime’s labor, inclusive of the pain that comes with both work and birth?

What if we weren’t fed God, but were asked to feed God with our wondering? What if?

*Feel No Evil by SamDakota

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