What would it be like for you to stop reading, and to just be read instead?

Could you stop writing, and be written?

Could you abandon all theories and analyses? Each and every interpretation?

Banish your precious questions, your beloved search.

You once had to find great courage to set out and seek.

Now, great courage is required to stop,

the courage of a mother in labor, and of her child being born.

Do children worry as they move from the womb to the world?

Do mothers ask how to give birth as they give birth to their daughters and sons?

What would that be like, to stop?

To stop asking questions?

To stop wondering, and waiting, and wondering why you’re waiting?

See, there’s no such thing as waiting.

There’s only this eternal arrival.

You can trust it.

You can stop. Not because you’ll never get there, but

because you already are.

*Heartstrings by SamDakota

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