I swear I have seen God, seen the answer, the reason I am here.

I have heard it on the voices in the dark, through the heat of steam and stone,

your voice, speaking to me from across the black nothing,

and in your voice, my own, and then yours again.

Omniscience, I see, is not knowing everything.

It is letting go of everything and simply knowing you, slowly and surely, whatever you offer me, that is all,

and in so knowing, knowing myself.

What is knowing? Surely not some act of acquiring or accumulation.

A welcoming. A witnessing. A refusal to refuse you, make refuse of you.

And power?

Omnipotence has nothing to do with manipulation and mind-control after all,

nothing to do with moving mountains and ordering armies,

absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with force and coercion.

It is the willingness to receive you, unconditionally and completely,

no delusions that you could be any different or that you aren’t needed precisely as you are, somehow, someway,

and in so receiving, receiving myself.

I wonder it well and consider it well, but could I ever live it well?

Omnipresence isn’t to be scattered about in every nook and cranny of the universe,

or even of your own mind, privy to all the secrets and codes and schemes.

It is, simply, to inhabit this nook, this cranny, your voice, myself, the dark and the heat and the steam and us.

We have misunderstood God and abandoned ourselves,

and we are coming home to gather ourselves together again,

I have seen it and heard it, I swear it.


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